• 2009-04-26

    Blender - [生活]



    The Thingz presents BLENDER, THE DIGITAL CULTURE FESTIVAL. Capitals is necessary for this two-day event featuring an assload of live and DJ performances the first day (Saturday) and an exhibition the next day (Sunday). Start 12pm each day and runs late, late. Click on the jump for the line up and times. 

    1st floor : 
    Noon-until late : Fabien+Yoki+B&B 
    LIVE 16H-until late : Dezio 
    LIVE 14H-17H Graphic design contest public 
    LIVE 14H-15H : Billy 
    LIVE 15H-16H : Popil 

    2nd floor : 
    Noon-until late : VJ path(B&B+Hean+Yiki) 
    13H-17H: Contests: 
    -Graphic design contest with students 13H-16H30 
    -Video contest 13H-17H30 
    LIVE 16H-until late: Reload crew 
    17H30-18H30: Gael 
    18H30 : price-giving graphic contest 
    19H : price-giving video contest 

    19H30-20H30: Ben Houge 
    20H30-21H30: MrC+Gaetan 
    21H30-22H30: BAIFAN 
    22H30-23H30: B6+Yiki 
    23H30-00H30: Lon+Hean 
    00H30-01H30: Gael 
    01H30-02H30: Xeum