• 2008-11-26

    TBWA巴黎—预防艾滋公益作品 - [广告 Advertising]


    Aides: Girl

    TBWA巴黎—预防艾滋公益作品 Aides Awareness Campaign | TBWA Paris | GIRL

    TBWA and London based studio, Minivegas bring you these two amazing psas for aids awareness. These are the types of projects that I dreamed of working on when I entered this field. Seemingly no restrictions and the ability to create an entire world based on joke after joke is a rare opportunity. Minivegas in no way disappoints; the character creations are very well done as well as their execution, and yes I am referring to penis fish and breast planets when saying this.
    And from looking at the production art they were kind enough to send to us, this production involved alot of research and development. It almost looks like a Disney production.cept with balls and tits 

    Expolre,just protect yourself 
    Advertiser/Client: AIDES
    Product/Service: AIDS AWARENESS
    Agency: TBWA, Paris
    Animation/VFX: Minivegas
    Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
    Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen/Michel De Lauw
    Copywriter: Xander Smith
    Art Director: Jonathan Santana
    Account Supervisor: Anne Vincent/Veronique Fourniotakis
    Print Work


  • 执行很牛
  • 我上次说的就这张画
    詹姆斯 简 给画的